Grant Request Process

Any grant over $2500 can be submitted two times per year October 15th and March 15th for review. Grants under $2500 may be submitted at any point during the school year September – June. Any questions regarding grant applications can be directed to our Grants Chair, Maryann Post at

The following is the procedure for submitting a grant request to MTEF.  This procedure must be followed in order for any grant to be considered.  Please do not contact MTEF board members directly to facilitate this process.   The board will make every effort to fairly evaluate each request.  

1.  Fill out the attached form completely.  An additional page may be added if there is not sufficient space to fully explain what is being requested.  For example if requesting funding for a school event, please give as much detail as possible to tell the board what the money will specifically purchase.  The more detail the better for evaluation. 

2.  Submit your form to the head of your department for approval.   

3.  Department head will then submit your request to the principal of your school for approval.  Once the principal approves the grant request he will submit your request to the MTEF board for their consideration.  

  Please note, approval by your department head and principal
does not mean MTEF will approve the request.

Download Grant Request Form